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All support is welcomed.  


If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out.  Assistance with flyers, posters, lawn signs, or door-knocking always means a lot.

Elections can be costly, and I am careful not to accept donations with any attached commitments.  In following my belief in complete transparency, here are the details of the past two elections:


  • 2016 Election:  $7,943.24 spent.

    • Six candidates ran.

    • The campaign that year was 100% self-funded, and no donations were accepted.  Other candidates spent $3,370 (3 unions contributed $2,000), $1,840, $1,500, $100, and one candidate did not submit the mandatory forms (estimated they spent in the thousands).  ​

    • Secured 2,212 of the votes, representing 42% for the election win.

  • 2020 Election:  $2,399.18 spent.

    • Ran against one other candidate.

    • My personal contributions were $825.18, and donations from over 20 people totalled $1,544, with the largest donation of $250.

    • Secured 3,911 votes, representing 88% of total voters.  

Further details are available on the City of Regina's open-source data website or on the Regina Public School Division archive page.

E-transfer donations are accepted at or via PayPal using the button below.  Every dollar helps ensure we continue to have a strong voice of reason on the Board.

Please note that no donation reciept can be issued with School Board and Municipal Elections.  Any donation over $25 must be recorded on final election documents that would be publically available (not sure many actually look but providing all details in full transparency).

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